MAV (Managed Anti-Virus)


Through our HCCS MSP Dashboard—with which we remotely manage all of our MSP customers’ computers and networks in one consolidated view—we can now deploy managed antivirus services to protect our customers from all types of malware threats including viruses, adware, spyware, worms, trojans and rootkits.

The new solution features:

  • Highly acclaimed, award-winning GFI Vipre Business (formerly Sunbelt Vipre Enterprise) anti-virus/anti-spyware.  This is the same software we install on our own networks and those of our clients for whom we provide System Administrator duties.  It is the big brother to the consumer version Vipre Anti-Virus we have been recommending and installing on consumer customers computers for many years.  We believe Vipre to be the best in the industry!
  • Easy Deployment – We can Automatically and remotely deploy the antivirus agent to any server or workstation managed by Our HCCS MSP RemoteManagement Dashboard.
  • Custom Configuration – We can fully configure every aspect of the managed antivirus agent, including scheduling scans and specifying remediation actions if threats are detected
  • Real-Time Alerts – We receive notifications when a virus is detected or a threat is quarantined, and implement corrective action
  • Comprehensive Reports – Compile and provide customers with reports detailing all actions perform ed on their behalf to secure and maintain their network
  • Affordability.  MAV is just $3.0 per month per computer in addition to your monthly Managed services account.