Computer Threats


Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Trojan Horses

Computer Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses and other "mal-ware" (collectively referred to as viruses) are trying to take over the computer world! Well not really, but, catch a computer virus and see if it doesn't knock your world on its can for a few days or more. It could also help you to lose friends and business associates when your virus spreads from your system to theirs, via email. All unbeknownst to you....

In the 1990's computer viruses started spreading at an alarming rate. Tens of Thousands of new viruses appear every month. If you are connecting to the Internet, and you don't have a CURRENT UPDATED Quality Anti-Virus software product, the chances of you getting a computer virus are HUGE!

Virus bombWe can help you to get rid of any viruses you may already have (you may not even know you have them) and help you to protect your computer from contracting any in the future. Doing nothing is like a ticking time bomb!


Unsolicited Commercial Email also known as UCE or more commonly SPAM is clogging up the Internet and almost everybody's in-boxes. Much of the SPAM is Pornographic in nature. You may not want to see that, and you certainly don't want your kids or grandkids to see it. In 2001, SPAM accounted for about 8% of all emails. As of January 2004, SPAM accounts for as much as 60% or more of ALL Email received in the USA. On our Servers, it is approximately 80%. President George W. Bush signed the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 which hopes to reduce SPAM in the future, but don't count on it. Much of the Spam is originating from overseas (China, Russia, Korea, Eastern Europe) where the US Government has no ability to police it.

There are several inexpensive software solutions and services available to help cut down on the amount of SPAM and we can help you to pick them, set them up for you and teach how you use them effectively.

Key Benefits Of Preventing Or Removing Viruses & SPAM

  • Save Time Reading/Deleting Spam.
  • Time is Money.... Save money by saving time.
  • Protect your family or employees from unsolicited Pornography
  • Lower Risk of Computer Down time
  • Lower Risk of Data Loss
  • Lower Risk of Spreading Viruses to Friends, Family and Clients
  • Prevent Hackers from gaining access to your personal or corporate information and data.

Our Capabilities


  • If you catch a virus, we will find it, remove it, and repair the damage it has done in many cases.
  • We can scan your system for Trojans that send your private personal or corporate data out to hackers and thieves.
  • We can scan your system for Trojans that track your every move and your every keystroke. These Trojan programs can be used by hackers and thieves to obtain the logon info and passwords to your bank accounts and investment websites. We can find and remove them!


  • We will help you to choose the correct Anti-Virus and Anti-SpyWare solutions for your computing environment, and install them for you.
  • We will help you to choose the best Anti-SPAM solutions for your computing environment, and install them for you.


  • We will teach you how to avoid contracting viruses in the future and we can teach you how to reduce the amount of SPAM that you receive.