Preventative Maintenance


Preventative Maintenance is the key to long life for your computer.

Just as you go to the doctor regularly for checkups, and take your car in for routine service, you should take your computer for routine maintenance service too. The only difference is that we make house calls...

System DiagnosisYou wouldn't believe how much dust and dirt and smoke and pet hair can accumulate inside your computer. This filth is deadly to Power Supplies, Fans, Motherboards and Disk Drives. A thorough cleaning two or three times a year will help your computer to live a long and productive life.

Key Benefits

  • Longer life for your computer.
  • Less down time.
  • Prevent Hackers from harvesting your private data.
  • Eradicate Viruses and Trojan Horses that you didn't know were there.
  • Less noise (dirt and dust create noisy fans).
  • Less chance for lost data.


We will come to your home or office and do a multi-point preventative maintenance procedure on your computer.

We will:

  • Clean it
  • Lubricate appropriate parts
  • Tighten loose connections
  • Look for potential problems
  • Check for viruses and repair if found
  • Check for Broken Links
  • Search for SpyWare and AdWare
  • Update Operating System to Latest Service Packs, Critical Updates, and Patches*

* Some Patches and updates can only be applied if you have an Internet connection. Many will require broadband speed. We'll bring what we can on a CD.