Networking for the Home or Small Office/Home Office


Our technicians have years of experience designing, installing and managing small peer to peer home networks, and larger Microsoft Windows Server based networks. We also can setup, configure and manage your Windows Based Internet Presence Servers.

Key BenefitsEthernet card

  • Share Data across multiple computers
  • Share your internet connection
  • Share Printers and other peripherals


Peer To Peer

Connect your computers to each other to share data, printers, Internet, & peripherals without a Network "Server".

Server Based

Build and manage a Microsoft Windows Server based network for the ultimate in security, flexibility and control. Run your Email, website, FTP, online store and line of business applications on your Windows based Server. Connect all the computers and printers in your office and your users outside the office too!


Wireless Networking


WirelessThe wave of the future is Wireless and it is here to stay! Let us setup your wireless devices such as printers, mobile devices and laptops on a network to work the way you do. No longer is working with these devices on a network so complicated that only a few could manage it.

Our technicians provide the right equipment in the right environment to meet your growing needs. We use state of the art Routers, Switches and Wireless Access Points where needed. Not only does that make it easy for you to get your work done, but more securely. And if you don't have DSL, Cable, T1 or Satellite services for your broadband, we can setup a network on Wireless Broadband as long as you receive Cellular service (you must have a wireless broadband account established). Give us a call today at 804-569-6280 to find out more!